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​Tire Rule - Limited Late Model 
1: Hoosier Spec 1350/American Racer Spec 48 only. No Siping. Can cut existing grooves with #1 Blade only. Spec 1600 or 56 right rear option.

2: No chemicals. Tire protest is $125 per tire and will be sent to the lab for results. Lab results are finals. Acceptance fee is $125. We will cut tire with grooving blade, and take two samples from each tire to send off. IF the tire samples come back wrong, you will lose your payout and points for that race. 

Stock 8 - Suspension 
Rule H on our website - tube upper A - Frames okay. They DO NOT have to be the same length on both sides 

Modified Street
We are allowing Swainsboro Super Street and Durrance Layne Street Stock rules as a trial.  We’ve had one race w/ these cars and are still continuing to look @ rules and make changes as we see necessary.


Limited Lated Models - $800

604 Late Models - $700

602 Late Models - $600

Modified Street - $400

Stock V8 - $300

Stock 4 - $400

FWD - $200

Young Guns - $100

*Any division with 15 cars or more - $100 bonus to the winner and $50 bonus for second